The Catholic Sacraments

Sacraments are all about growing in the life of Jesus Christ. At St Ignatius, we encourage all who can to participate in the Sacraments of the Church. Take a look below at how Sacraments are approached and prepared for in our parish.

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Receiving the Sacraments

at St Ignatius parish

If you are looking to participate in the Sacraments here at St Ignatius, please contact our parish office, or speak to Fr Richard after one of our Masses.


and growth in the Christian life as adults

Because knowing Christ Jesus is the foundation of the Christian life, we want to grow in our relationship with him through the sacraments, and to share him with others. So, our parish supports formation in faith through regular events that take place in the parish, such as family days, parish missions, prayer workshops, the Alpha Course, and talks on the Faith. These are advertised in advance and are open to all.

If you, as an adult, seek to be baptised, or received into the Church, or to grow in your appreciation of the Catholic faith, we hope that you will find a warm and supportive welcome at St Ignatius’.

Initiating children

into the Christian life

Here at St Ignatius’, we embrace Catholic parents, because they have the great privilege of initiating infants and children into the Christian life. 

Catholic parents and guardians uniquely have this responsibility. The parish and the school can never claim this responsibility, but rather we seek to acknowledge and honour parents and guardians in their mission. 

For it is Christ Jesus himself who makes his disciples into Christians, by giving them his life. The great mystery of the Christian life begins in Baptism. He forgives our sins through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He gives the fullness of his life to us through the Sacrament of Confirmation. He enables us to live our lives in union with him through the Sacrament of Holy Communion. And for those who marry in him, he establishes them in a communion of life and love, which itself signals Eternal Life. 

The parish seeks to embrace Christian parents by helping them be more intentional disciples of Christ Jesus, leading them to know him better, to live a relationship of friendship with him, and to discover him as the centre and focus of their lives.  Each year the parish offers support to families who wish to progress and celebrate the Christian initiation of their children. If you wish this for your child, please contact the parish priest.


Christ Jesus laid down his life on the Cross for his Church, transforming the lives of his followers by giving them his life and enabling them to live in a new way.  

Christian marriage is a vocation, a call that God places on our hearts to imitate Christ Jesus in a particular way. In Christian marriage, spouses imitate Christ by living a life of mutual self-gift. Self-giving by a follower of Christ always bears fruit for the good of the Church. The great fruit of marriage are the children who God may give to spouses. Christian marriage, as a symbol of the union of Christ with his Church, points the spouses to Eternal life, the life which Christ has opened up for us in His redeeming act of love. In this way, Christian spouses have a great mission in the Church and in society. If you are intending to marry, we congratulate you and ask that you contact the parish at least six months in advance, so that you can engage in a proper process of preparation.